The date of the: 16 april
When you hold a business meeting, as nowhere else, it is crucial to leave a proper impression of yourself, to assert yourself as a trustworthy person and partner.

The concept of business etiquette is incredibly broad and there are hardly any limits in improving this knowledge. Nevertheless, it is very practical knowledge, including not only the rules of social communication, manners at table, and introducing yourself, but also psychological issues of the proper manner of speech, control of facial expressions and gestures, and so on!

In fact, knowledge of the rules of business etiquette is one of the key aspects for any business person in creation of her/his own brand.

The task of the International School of Etiquette (ISE) is to offer its students courses in all areas that may be interesting to them and that will help them effectively integrate into international social and business society. That’s exactly why we pay special attention to preparing and holding the course in business etiquette.

We select the best international experts in the area of business etiquette and other areas related thereto, so as to prepare a course that will allow our students to gain truly unique knowledge that can be applied practically, and ensure them further prosperity! If you are interested in attending such a course, please write or call us, and we will inform you of the date of the next workshop.