Advanced European Etiquette
31 march, 2, 7,9, 14,16, 21 april
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16 april
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Etiquette of the modern lady
31 march, 2, 7,9, 14,16, 21 april
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Children's workshop "British Etiquette for Young Ladies and Gentlemen"
12 april
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British etiquette for adults
9, 17 april
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Russian historical etiquette
26 march
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How to have an unforgettable evening
10 april
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About us

International School of Etiquette (ISE) is the international school of social etiquette, protocol and Art of Living in Europe founded by Lady Larisa Evans in efforts to make cross-cultural communication successful and efficient.

ISE provides international training and consultancy in contemporary etiquette, protocol, business etiquette, art of living, social skills, household and event management.


Larisa Evans

Founder and co-owner of the International School of Etiquette and Art de Vivre. In September 2014 Dame Larissa Evans received in Rome the title of Lady of the Order of Saint Maurizio and Saint Lazaro.

Countess de Tilly

A daughter and granddaughter of French diplomats from an old count family. Marie de Tilly is responsible for reception of foreign diplomats’ wives in the Elysee Palace.

Liz Brewer

One of the most famous and recognized experts in the field of hospitality and organization of top-level events. Leading the course «Classic English etiquette and the art of hospitality».

Galina Gubankova

A practicing ISE coach, she leads her course in advanced European etiquette, as well as seminars on British etiquette for adults and children, and business etiquette.

ISE Educational Programs


One-day etiquette seminars, based on a proven British educational methodology, for children 6-12 years old.

How to be a gentleman

The participant of this course will get the following knowledges: history of etiquette, meeting&greeting rules, handshake, deportment etc.

Business etiquette

The course includes all aspects of business etiquette, as well as a practical master class "Perfect table manners".

French etiquette

Learning French etiquette will be interesting to everyone without any exception, from business people, and to the ladies, who, without any doubt, will find to their liking the rules that place women in a privileged position in society.

Russian etiquette

Course in Russian etiquette is a unique program that will help you get acquainted with aspects of our national etiquette and rules of combination thereof with internationally established norms.
July 25, 2019

English etiquette

Key task of etiquette, actually, is to provide people with tools helping them coexist harmoniously and solve any issues that come up, whether it’s an easy social conversation, or making of a multimillion transaction.

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